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Good news first MRI after chemorads

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Good news first MRI after chemorads

I just had my first MRI follow-up yesterday and the tumor seems to be all gone. There is a teensy bit of tissue left that was seen on the MRI but my radiologist is pretty sure this is scar tissue since its smack in the middle of the brachytherapy target zone.


She was really pleased with the outcome ( so am I doh) and my internal checkup pleased her even more,  there is no sign of anything suspicious or even damage in my girlie bits. She was very happy with herself too for doing such a good job ( I love my doctors)


My lymph nodes that showed up suspicious on my first MRI were no longer visible either.



28-8-2019 diagnosed grade 2 squamous 2B 4 cm tumor Mri suspect lymphe nodes but pet scan Shows no lymph nodes 25 radio extended field, 6 chemo and 4 brachy finished October 29 2019

This is fantastic news! You must be so please. Get the champagne out xx

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Excellent news! Go celebrate girl! Xx 

Diagnosed 2B N0 M0 March 2018 28 external radiation 3 Brachytherapy 4 cisplatin


Awh Izzy,

Love these positive posts. Puts a big smile on my face. Time for us to enjoy a special weekend. Delighted for you xx

Diagnosed CC 01st August 2019 Stage 1b2 with 1 local lymph node involved. Something else showed up on pet scan. Treatment delayed for surgery, done on September 9th. Found to be a simple ovarian cyst, 1 ovary and tube removed. Treatment plan 5 chemo, 25 radio and 4 brachy. Treatment start date 02nd October 2019. Treatment end date 8th November.

10th February 2020

MRI and Pet-CT clear. NED

3 monthly scans


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I am so happy for you! Fantastic news laughing

March 2019:

-Tumor discovered staged at 2b, squamous cell. No lymphnode involvement.

April/may 2019:

-Chemoradiation 5x/23x and interstitial brachy 4x

August 16 2019:

- 1st check up: NED

November 2019:

- 2nd checkup: All clear (NED). Some hard tissue is felt, pap taken to be sure. Probably scar tissue.

February 14th 2020

- 3rd checkup: NED  

God promises to make something good out of the storms that bring devastation to your life

- Romans 8:28


This is brilliant news, we are on a similar timeline so am stealing a bit of this positive for when I get my results!

No missed or abnormal smears. Odd symptoms started in April 19.

Diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma 2b with one lymph node involved on 1/7/19.

Started 11 weeks of chemo on 15/7/19.

Started 25 external radiotherapy on 26/8/19.

2 brachytherapy and end of treatment on 6/10/19. 


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