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Granulation query

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Granulation query

Hi, I'm new to the site following my treatment about 3 months ago. I went for my check up yesterday after experiencing some spotting which seemed to be getting heavier the last couple of days. I was very nervous, having suffered a massive haemorrhage 2 weeks after initial surgery, but my consultant was kind of dismissive - after waiting an hour to see him he had me in and out within 10 mins! He said spotting was due to granulation and he used silver nitrate, but he said he may have to repeat the process at my next 3 month check up. He did say I'd have some duscharge afterwards, but not how long for, whether there should be any more bleeding, or whether this means the cuff still hasn't healed properly? Hoping someone out there can shed some light for me?

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I can't shed any light for you unfortunately, however if you are not happy with your consultant's lacklustre behaviour you can definitely ask for a second opinion.

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