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Laser Hair Removal - are we allowed?

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Laser Hair Removal - are we allowed?

Hi all, I wondered if any one out there has had any laser hair removal surgery after treatment for cervical cancer? I had some sessions a couple of years ago and then the whole CC came along and took over my life!! Now I'm 6 months after treatment (surgery, chemo/rads) I'd like to do some things to make myself feel a little better about myself so I'd like to book a course of sessions. I have seen a few sites which say that they won't treat anyone who has had cancer, or other ones which say they won't treat people who have had skin cancer but can't seem to get a definitive answer. It's a while until I'll see my oncologist to ask and I am getting no response from my nurse specialist so I thought I'd see if anyone else has come across this issue? Thanks Tanya

Diagnosed Adenosquamouscarcinoma 1b1 November 2011 Radical hysterectomy/lymph node removal 30th December 2011 1 lymph node involvement found during surgery Chemo/rads/brachy February/March 2012 Sept 2012 - 6 month checkup all clear


Hi Tanya,
I had similar treatment to you, and unfortunately there is conflicting information out there. Unfortunately, I developed lymphodema, which is a risk. I am undergoing treatment for it, so I can ask. They have told me that waxing is out :( and to use an electric razor :(. If I were you, I'd ask your radiation oncologist. Let me know what they say as I was going to post the same question.

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