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Latest check-up

I had my latest check-up at the end of September and thankfully all is still looking ok (big relief). I've been meaning to post for a while but I've had quite bad anxiety issues and have struggled, I am seeking help and hopefully going on a course in the new year, I want to try and get back into work. I just feel stuck and scared at the moment, if that makes any sense xx

  • Oct 2015 - Diagnosed with stage 2b.  Nov-Dec 2015 Treatment, 6 cisplatin chemotherapy, 25 radiotherapy and 3 brachytherapy. To Sept 2019 - All check-ups and MRI scans ok so far.

Brilliant news! Congratulations! 

I am 2b and it’s always wonderful and reassuring to hear good stories. 

I hope that you get the help you need with your anxiety issues. It’s very easy to get stuck in a difficult place and much harder to get out of. I hope everything goes really well for you.

much love xx 

May 19 odd symptoms

03/06/19 doctors appt internal exam, said everything looked fine, did smear. 

10/06/19 urgent colposcopy due to HPV positive and severe changes. 

21/06/19 consultant sees 2cm tumour takes punch biopsies. She’s pretty sure it’s cc.

24/06/19 cancer confirmed, grade 3 preliminary staging 1b.

03/07/19 X-ray. 08/07/19 MRI and PET scan. 10/07/19 MDT meeting

15/07/19 restaged 2b parametrial invasion no lymph node involvement.

16/07/19 treatment 5 1/2 weeks chemorads

18/07/19 planning MRI 26/07/19 preassessment Chemo

05/08/19 chemorads start

11/09/19 chemorads end!!!! 

16/09/19 Brachy

19/09/19 DONE!!!! 

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