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Life insurance

So I'm a single mum, living at my parents house with no money, only debt. I'm 31 and had been diagnose with CC at 29. I had a full hysterectomy followed up by radio-chemotherapy. I have no life insurance.

Annoyingly it was something I had begun looking at shortly before I was diagnosed but my friend who was sellig life insurance told me I would have to pay £50 p/m. I was a student at the time and couldn't afford the monthly outgoing so I told her that when I had a job I would set it up then. I was diagnosed a month after that conversation. Since then I completed my teaching course, got a job, but in my first week my oncologist believed that my cancer had returned, due to it being on my liver, he told me that any treatment given would be to prolong my life not to cure it.  Since then he has come to the conclusion that it may not be cancer on my liver, just an unusual lesion that they can't explain but will monitor. They can't rule cancer out completely while not know what it is on my liver. 


So life insurance. I figured you only needed life insurance if you had some property or something of value worth insuring. As I have only debt and a car (which is insured) I didn't think that life insurance would apply to me. Obviously I now know a little differently, though not a lot more.


What I don't know is am I insurable given my medical history and ongoing monitoring? Or have I missed the insurance boat indefinitely or until at least I'm given 5 years all clear/ no longer being monitored? 


I know there are insuarance companies I could speak to but I figured there may be people who have been in a similar situation and/or could also do with hearing other people's experiences.


Thanks xx


Hi lauren 

I already had life insurance for a few years before diagnosis but I know that since being diagnosed I have had a few companies ringing me up to see if I can get a better deal than what I got...the minute I mention iv got cancer they politely tell me that they cant  insure me and to stay with the insurer I'm with ..maybe you could try something like moneysupermarket or confused to see how you fare...I don' know how it works to be honest xx


Hi there 

i too had no life insurance , I have had 1b1 CC in 2013 then a recurrence in 2015 to the ovary , after the 1st cancer I rang around insurance company's they said I had to be clear for 2 years before they will consider insuring me , unfortunately I had the recurrence 18 months later , insurance company's will not have anything to do with me now for a least 7 years from the recurrence ,  and then they said my premiums will be very high.  I've now given up looking as I have no chance , 

if there is anybody out there that knows any different I'd be happy to hear from you. 

Take care 



Hi Ren,

I was in a slightly similar position to you except I have a house and little boy that would need supporting.

We were trying to save to pay off our equity loan on our house that needs paying next year so I literally cut any expenses. Cos you know, these things happen to other people. Meaning I didn't have life insurance. The company I worked for at the time didn't offer death in service either and life insurance companies wouldnt touch me. 

This was literally my biggest hurdle in the whole diagnos (I was physically sick from worrying)  so during my initial treatment I looked for a job in larger corporate organisations that offer death in service as part of their benefits package.

I managed to get a new job. I didn't tell them I had cancer initially. It was the best thing I did as I have recently been told my cancer has spread and is incurable and my death in service will cover me as the pay out would be below their free cover limit so didn't need medically underwriting.

I'm not sure what your position is and if that is a possibility for you but it was definitely the best decision I could have made. 


Hopefully your liver was just being tricky and you won't need it but it's always nice to have peace of mind. 


Take care x

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