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Pelvic adhesions & Cervical stenosis

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Pelvic adhesions & Cervical stenosis

Hi all, 

I was diagnosed with cervical cancer 17 months ago. Treated with lletz (x2) and a large cone biopsy. In the following months had a number of infections and further laprascopic surgery due to a twisted ovary, and to seperate adhesions. I'm left with ongoing issues with cervical stenosis and adhesion pain. Having been desperate to avoid a hysterectomy, I am now wondering if this would actually finally relieve me of the pretty much constant pain and problems. 

 I have also had dilation and a stent inserted for a few weeks, but the stenosis recurred.

Consultant is not so keen now, saying that it would likely not be so straightforward due to adhesions. It is also  likely that the surgery would lead to more adhesions, and therefore possibly not solve the problem. 

I really dont know if I should be pushing for this, but also not sure how much longer I can put up with the constant pain and menstrual flooding for. 

 So, I'm looking for anyone who has had similar issues. Did you have a hysterectomy and did it put an end to the problems? I know that there are barrier products that can be used during surgery to prevent adhesions forming, has anyone had any experience of surgery using these? Are they used by the NHS? I am due to see my consultant again in a couple of months, and will of course ask him these questions, but it is always useful to go armed with information!

Really grateful for any advice. 


Thank you x




Sorry I have no experience of this. Can you ask for a second opinion? Do you have a specialist nurse. She will have experience in this area and be able to advise you on the options. I think I would be asking for more information.

Good luck

May 2013. Abnormal smear

July 2013 diagnosed cc  Investigation under GA

Sept 2013 Radical hysterectomy

Histology showed clear margins on tumour but microscopic lymph node involvement on 1/27 lymph nodes

Jan 2014 reoccurrence

kidney failure, stents fitted, nephroplasty

33 sessions of radiotherapy completed March 2014

May 2014 cancer detected in the liver. 

Taxol/carbo/avastin chemotherapy September to November 2014

Etoposide and cisplatin chemotherapy started March 2015





Thank you, pkjpi2013, for you reply. I'm guessing by the number of views and replies, tthere is not much experience of this on here :(. I will be asking lots of questions next time I go, but just get the feeling my consultant just thinks I should 'get on with it'. Contacting my nurse is a good idea, I will do this before waiting for my next appointment I think. 

Good luck with your scan and results in June. 

Michelle 86
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Hi Doodles,  

I read your post and am now in exactly the same position. Reoccurring stenosis, constant discharge, fluid collection in my womb. I would like to know how you have got on since 2014...? 

Thanks in advance 




Clear smear April 2012

pain and bleeding Novors appointment

Colposcopy Nov 14- CIN 3 and cervical erosion

Dec 2014 LLETZ  GA

Jan 15- CC 1b1

Jan 15- MRI CT scan

27th Jan- cone biopsy GA

Feb follow up- clear margins 

March Lymph node removal

19th March ALL CLEAR ☺

June Clear smear no HPV

Dec 15 horrendous periods, discharge/spotting, ultrasound booked

Feb 16 stenosis hysteroscopy booked Feb 2016

Feb 16 cervix dilated,uterus drained.

 Dec-16 scan confirming  stenosis

Feb 17 hysteroscopy Cervix dilated, uterus drained, iud inserted under GA

Dec 17 Clear smear

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