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please i need advice

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please i need advice

hi all, i need help please because i feel very cofused, about my every 3 months control, after rad hyst. my op was one year and a half, in nov 2018, ive been having controls, but with corona virus Situation, my dr canceled all consults and i was sent to a new dr. 

she told me i dont need citologys, is that true? she only put like a cotton swab, like my ex dr and i realise, those are not citologys! then i havent made any? am so confused and stresed, please tell me what your drs do, my cc was 1b1, rad hyst, preserv ovaries, all clear. 

please somebody knows? 


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Do you mean check ups every 3 months? Also by cytology do you mean pap smear?

October 2019 - smear test

November 2019 - results back; hpv with severe dyskaryosis, colposcopy organised.

November 2019 - colposcopy biopsy taken - confirmed abnormal cells

December 2019 - lletz performed

Jan 2020 - called in: confirmed I have cancer

Tests run through Jan and Feb. During this time went through fertility treatment; 5 eggs frozen.

End Feb - confirmed stage 2b CC

Treatment starts March - 28 external radio/5 chemo/4 brachy

Only sat 3 chemo after developing tinnitus

April 25th - finished brachytherapy

July 2020 - awaiting MRI

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