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Post Cervical cancer treatment PAIN/ Walking

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Post Cervical cancer treatment PAIN/ Walking

Hi this will be long winded. But I am seriously looking for answers and unfortunately I am not getting anywhere with Dr's..( my family Dr is good but the rest of them.......can't say much) I went thru chemo/ Radiation and brachytherapy for cervical cancer. Went through all of that like a champ. No hair loss ( unless you count the 100 thousand dollar brazillian down yonder) Was not sick during chemo reatments. The next day after first chemo treatment radiation nurses were shocked I walked in all normal like. I gained 10 pounds and had no problem eating. Radiation I suffered no burning flesh, no redness , no irritation. Other than consipation/ some diarrhea I had no problems with any of it. ( Sorry I'm rather blunt in the way I talk because my dark humor is what I do believe got me through it) Brachytherapy I don't mind telling you I cried, screamed like a little bitch. It wasn't pleasant having a midevil torture device inserted into my pleasure palace turning it into a little shop of horrors. Now to the problem....

I started noticing lower back pain that would shoot pain into both hips with servere excutiating pain/ burning sensations. At this point I was still walking relatively like i once did but it wasn't pleasant but at this point hadn't taken my life away as it is now. Around last weekend of December 2018 ( Before anyone knew about Covid19) It's suspected I had the Covid19. ( post treatment 9 months) It was severe and I pretty much took to my bed from being weak/ tired from January till around Mid April 2019. ( My family Dr knows if I walk into her office with my hands/face covered its bad enough I don't want them to get it) I started to regain my strength and noticed the lower back pain stopped. But the pain/ burning in my hips were VERY intense and then started to spread pain to the front groin muscle. I could no longer walk long distances, As this progressed the pain in my hips/groin only got more intense as well as a new symptom. It was now affecting my back calf muscles in both legs.It's so bad now that my muscles literally feel like they are shredding as I walk. I now have leg weakness.I literally cannot walk to the end of my driveway which is about 2.5 car lengths to take out my trash without pain. I barely leave my house. I do manage dinner with my husband because it's a short walk to my car and when i sit it helps alleviate the pain. Then another short walk into a place to eat. Repeat process to come home. I now have to sit to actually sweep my carpets and do all my chores.I can no longer go down steps or even up them. I can no longer lift items because it affects my hips. It's now 2021. During the course of the past year. I also developed what felt like severe flu aches and pains from the neck down. I have now THANKFULLY been diagnoised with fibermalgia and it's been treated and no more pains from that. I am in physical therapy for the hips/legs. Don't get me wrong when I say this... I'm happy to be alive. I'm happy I went into remission.But I kept telling Dr's I was having issues. and it went on deaf ears. I finally looked at my family Dr and was like "If I had known then that I would suffer this bad now. I would have let it run its course because this isn't any quality of life. Doc, the chemo and radiation was a breeze compared to this" That's when they put me in physical therapy.

So my question to ANYONE. Have you experienced this. If so what did you do. How were you treated for it. Because I honestly do not think I can handle this much more. Yes I am depressed. No I am not suicidal. But I told my husband already that if I get diagnoised again. It's running its course because I went through all of that. Fought like hell to be a shell of a human being,


Oh I am so sorry you feel this way, but have you ever heard about RILP? Radiation induced lumbar plexopathy?  Your problems sound exactly like this condition.

I have seen more ladies here suffering from the same thing you are describing. 

28-8-2019 diagnosed grade 2 squamous 2B 4 cm tumor Mri suspect lymphe nodes but pet scan Shows no lymph nodes 25 radio extended field, 6 chemo and 4 brachy finished October 29 2019

No I never heard of this. But you can sure bet I am printing it up to take to my Dr. all I know is something has to give before I totally cannot walk at all..I appreciate your response and thank you so much

Leanne gilfillan

Hiya I have struggled with pains all over especially my hips and legs since I've had treatment 5 years ago the doc just gave me pain killers and sent me to the pain clinic and they were sending me to a group to talk about pain which I replied to talk about pain how is that going to help they couldn't answer me I started to go swimming most days and was good then I went back to work  4 years later now I'm 5 years and I'm still sore some days I stay in bed till its time to go to work at 130 as I'm so sore but needs must  x

Leanne gilfillan


I too am experiencing hip pain. I'm a year and a half out. It feels like the same hip pain that I had when first diagnosed. My quality of life is shit. My feet hurt all the time which makes going for walks unbearable because I am left lying on the couch with ice packs on them. They never tell you what to expect afterwards and I feel like my body is 90 and my brain is 20. I will never be the same as I was and some days I just cry out of frustration. But we are here, alive, to bitch about our new normal. 


I know exactly what you are saying. I'm 53 and my husband is 14 years younger than me. It's not only taken a toll on me but my husband as well. I'm always in pain. you are right it is a new normal and its not a good normal at all.I notice my feet getting really hot and achy. I don't wear shoes anymore but a loose slipper with a sole. It's helped a lot.At night even during the winter months I have a fan blowing on my bare feet. That also helps.I tell my husband all the time. I'm 53. Emotionally i feel like a 30 year old but my body keeps telling me I am way older than my age. The good thing to come out of me posting this is I took the one suggestion to my Dr today and she was like. Yeah this sounds like it and she's doing some research on i. Try a fan on your feet and wearing a slipper with a sole instead of shoes.. See if that helps a little bit.I know it did me.



 I   have not experienced anything like what you are going through, but it does sound like nerve damage more than anything else. Have you tried  acupuncture? I know it works for nerve damage.

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