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Post-treatment discharge

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Post-treatment discharge

Hi all

I was just wondering if anyone had any advice on discharge please? Such a glamorous topic I know. 
I had Stage 3C adenocarcinoma and underwent 28 seasons of radio, 5 chemo and 2 brachytherapy. Treatment finished 6 months ago. 
My 3 month scan showed NED and I was told my pelvis was 'unremarkable' (never has that word been kore joyous). 

Since treatment finished I've had a pretty constant watery discharge. A liner covers it. But the last couple of days it's turned a little thicker and white. No foul odour. 

My specialist nurse said to only worry if it was a brown/dirty colour and smelly. But of course, as with everything, the worry is there. Should I get in touch? 
I genuinely have had a panic about one thing or another pretty much weekly and feel like such a nuisance. And given it's not a symptom I was told to worry about, should I just keep an eye?! 
Has anyone else had any experience with this? 
Thank you x

May 20 - cancer diagnosis of stage 3C due to lymph node involvement

Jul 20 - chemo rads starts

Aug 20 - finish treatment 

Dec 20 - internal and MRI NED! 

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