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Amie Hewitt

Arghh...I'm freaking out....just had sex for first time post radical hysterectomy and lymph nodes removal. I'm 8 weeks post op. And have waited till now...sorry if this is Tmi....it wasn't a big session lol just a quickie.  Went to the toilet after...there was blood and now I'm in pain in there! Everything felt fine while we were doing it and I even orgasemed twice (so happy about this as was worried I would be broken!) But now I'm panicking....has this happened to anyone else? Is it normal? Do I need to speak to anyone? Any help or advice would be much appreciated right now! I had major anxiety about doing the deed and now it's made it worse!!


A very happy but worried lady xxx



Hi Amie,

Congratulations!  I'm glad it all works!  
I don't have specific advice about bleeding ect or sex for that matter (chemorads).  I'd ring your CNS but I'm fairly sure it's normal.  
I started  doing post op exercises on Friday and they were really easy. Unfortunately I was overconfident and did them a lot.  I am now getting twinges and pulls from all around my pelvic area.  I wonder if you have just used muscles that have been out of action in a while!  
Much love. Xx

Lletz under GA on 19/3/20, mri on 21/3, Results cc: stage 1b no sign of lymph involvement. 18/4/20 Radical hysterectomy with lymph node removal 6/5/20 Histology shows microscopic Involvement 2 nodes. Moved to stage 3c. Chemo rads started 8th June 20.

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