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Strange sensation right handside just above hip

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Strange sensation right handside just above hip


looking for a bit of reassurance and some advice,

ill be 3 years in remission in july, i was stage 2b, radiotherapy, cisplatin and bracy treatment.

had some problems Dec 18-2019 with my kidney, lots of UTIs and urethra damage - had kidney stent and since been removed. Was on long term antibiotics but stopped july last year. Had bleeding from back passage have bad  irritable bowels comes and goes.

ive been fine for a while but had a UTI the last 3 weeks been persistant had to have 3 courses of antibiotics finally stopped after the last stronger dose. But over the last week ive now noticed my right side around my hip and mainly just above its tender when i press or firmly touch the area like there is a bruise there but havent knocked or done anything. Also when i strech out or certain movements feels tight and a bit like a burning sensation and discomfort and can feel it pulls down into pelvis too. Not painful but i notice it and its uncomfortable. Has anyone had this before?

seems to not be going but not getting any worse.

i do have bad anxiety since diagnosis and treatment and hate having to go to hospitals and worried with whats going on at the moment with covid - 19 on what i should so but its playing on my mind.


please help

Francesca xx 

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