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Suprapubic catheter

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Suprapubic catheter

Hello everyone. Has anyone else been left with a permanent suprapubic catheter and zero bowel motility since their radical hysterectomy? I’m 10 months post op and am desperate to get my life back. It would be really helpful to know if anyone else has experienced the same as me and whether their damaged nerves have recovered? 


With love xxx

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I'm assuming that you have a suprapubic catheter because you have urinary retention and can't empty your bladder naturally?  I have had urinary retention ever since my radical hysterectomy, over 2.5 years ago, February 2017.

Initially I couldn't pass any urine at all and had a urethral catheter plus leg bag, then flip flow,  for a month.  After that I was taught intermittent self catheterisation (ISC).  Over of the course of several months I regained the ability to pass some urine naturally, but was unable to empty my bladder.

I am still not able to empty my bladder and my urinary residual volumes are generally in the 100-200ml range; I am self catheterising about 3 times a day.

I've seen 4 Urologists about the problem and the consensus of opinion seems to be that  my urinary retention is unlikely to improve now.  I had a video urodynamic investigation, a few months ago, which showed there was no blockage.  So it seems pretty sure that the problem is due to nerve damage to my bladder which occurred during the surgery.  I also had chemo-radiotherapy, a few weeks after the hysterectomy and the surgeon suggested that the radiotherapy may have had a detrimental effect on the recovery of my nerves.

Have you tried intermittent self catheterisation?

My urinary retention is one of two main bugbears (the other being lymphoedema), following my cc treatment. 

I'm happy to discuss further here or feel free to PM me if you wish.

J xx


Feb 04:  (age 47y) Smear test normal

Stopped going for smears!

Summer 16: persistent yellow vaginal discharge

Dec 16: post menopausal vaginal bleed

Jan 17: Hysteroscopy under GA for ?fibroids - abnormal cervix observed -multiple biopsies taken, 1B1 squamous cell cc diagnosed - confirmed by MRI/PET scans

Feb 17: pelvic lymphadenectomy - nodes negative, Da Vinci radical hysterectomy- close anterior margin/LVSI/PNI, restaged to 2A

Apr/May 17: 6x chemo, 25x external radio, 2x brachy

Jul 19:  NED.  Various side effects notably hypotonic bladder since hysterectomy - ongoing ISC, unilateral lymphoedema lower abdo/groin/leg/ankle/foot



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