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Tampons and MRI scans!

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Tampons and MRI scans!

Hi all,

Bit of a strange question but does anyone know if you can wear a tampon during a pelvic MRI scan, please?

I have my appointment on Monday and have been told I will be changing from my own clothes into scrubs for the 45 min scan. Monday will be my heaviest flow day and I can't go with out sanitary protection.


Max x


Hi, I was able to keep my non wired underwear in. I think they just don't want metal. You will probably be OK with a towel. 

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Thank you so much x

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I was OK'ed to keep my fairly heavy duty incontinence pad in place.


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Thank you Jazza, I will use a pad and hope my knickers are allowed smile x

Jodz XX

I wore tampon for my MRI, no problem



Thanks Jodz smile x


I wore a tampax with no issues. You don't need to change from your clothes either, just don't wear any metal, so I had on a sports bra, jumper and leggings and was allowed the MRI in those, a lot more warmer than wearing a gown too. 

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