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Treatment after surgery

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Treatment after surgery

Hi all


Just looking for advise. I underwent surgery(trachelectomy)for 1b1 stage cancer and had my results meeting. They are saying lymph nodes came back negative but tumour was 1cm bigger than they thought so are now offering me chemo and radiotherapy. Just wondering if anyone has gone through the same? The said all cancer is removed now but its a precaution for it not coming back.

Consultant said i can continue to be observed or start treatment. Just confused as nobody is able to tell me what is for the best. I want to go on to have children also.


Thanks for reading any help will be appreciated 



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Hi Kirsty. 

If you want to go on to have children then you couldn’t have the chemo and radio because unfortunately it would make you infertile. 

Its obviously your decision to make but maybe speak to your cancer nurse for some more informed advice if you haven’t already. 

Alice xx


Hi Kirsty!

Sorry to hear you possibly need more surgery. I have just had my teachelectomy and have fingers crossed I will not need further treatment also. The chemo/rad unfortunately results in infertility so if you plan to have children in the future this is not an option. I would take heart from the fact they are giving you the option, if they thought there were definitely cancer cells remaining they would be advising strongly for further treatment. Hopefully they can just observe you while you consider starting a family.

Could I ask how you found your recovery post trachelemctomy? I am really struggling with the abdominal swelling and am in pain walking around- how long did it take for you to recover? 

Good  luck with everything


CJ xx





 My recovery has been fine. I did have alot of swelling down thighs, stomach and groin area but it has all gone down now

Wishing you the best with results



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