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Vagina Shortness

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Vagina Shortness

Hello everyone! I’m new to this forum . I have a quick question. I had my last Brachytherapy treatment in mid June. Due to so much going on ( including fractured back) and some anxiety of using the dialators I was given to avoid my vagina from closing , I did not use them on a regular basis . This week my husband and I had sex for the first time since my treatment started in March . I was pretty nervous and scared about possible pain. It was a bit uncomfortable. and there was definitely dryness, tightness and bit of pain when trying to penetrate deeper. We plan to start using the dialator on a daily now and have sex everyday as well in order to stretch it all out gently . My concern is the shortness. Is that something we can fix by the constant  penetration or is it closed forever, and that’s the deepest it will ever be again ??? frown Thank you!! 

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Hi Betulia :-)

I am so sorry to see that this post has received no responses and I wish I could give you good news. In my case I had about 60% of my vagina removed surgically before undergoing both external beam and brachy radiotherapies. I do not know whether or not with frequent activity it is possible to lengthen your vagina. I was not provided with dilators and after a couple of years gave up on sex altogether. I hope you fare better than I did.

Be lucky :-)

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