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Vaginal Loosening Procedure

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Vaginal Loosening Procedure

My pelvic radiation and brachy therapy on 2012 has left me with significant scarring on my vaginal wall as well as a shortened vagina. My oncologist admitted to over radiating me.

Dilating, estrogen tablets,  progesterone ointment and anti inflammatory have done nothing for me in terms of accommodating penile intercourse. I've haven't had the latter since 2012.  I'm a single, vibrant 63 year old who is what I call a " radiation virgn".

Has anyone had any vaginal loosening procedures? I enjoy sex!



Good for you!! I know there are some ladies who've had a reconstruction done and quite enjoy their current sex lives. I am so pleased to see you are doing well and sticking up.for yourself! You are an example to me , so thank you! 

28-8-2019 diagnosed grade 2 squamous 2B 4 cm tumor Mri suspect lymphe nodes but pet scan Shows no lymph nodes 25 radio extended field, 6 chemo and 4 brachy finished October 29 2019

Hi there. Sorry you have had to go through this for all

those years. I had plastic surgery 2 years ago to open up inside, as I had the same problems. My bladder and bowel were damaged with radiotherapy too, so I had to have procedures on them. That meant I was too sore to use dilators etc.. so the vagina has closed back in again. I have an open appointment for a year to go back and have the surgery re-done. Last time they cut off my apron area

of my tummy and used it for skin grafts. Hopefully this time it will heal properly down there. 

It was a big procedure and I was in hospital for a week, but very worth it. It allows us to lead a normal sex life, and to still feel like a proper woman again. Cancer took enough of that away from us. Good luck with your procedure ❤️

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