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Abnormal smear after cone biopsy

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Abnormal smear after cone biopsy

Hi, this is my first time posting, so i hope i'm posting at the right forum.

Right after miscarriage, i had a smear and the nurse found a polyp.  Smear result was low grade abnormal, with hpv. 

So then i got a colpo and biopsy of polyp.  Result was adenocarcinoma in situ. 

Then, I got transfered to oncologist's office and had cone biopsy and LEEP under general anastasia.  Result was that they confirmed adenocarcinoma in situ but clear margin. 

After 3 months, i had another smear for check up.  Result was slightly abnormal but HPV negative. 

6 months after that (few days ago) i had another smear, now waiting for result.  

Has anybody had similar experience?  I'm scared and i dont know what to expect next.  

Thank you so much in advance  

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