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AIS Management & Followup?

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AIS Management & Followup?

Hi ladies, 

I'm one of those people who freeze up on the doctors office & don't think of or ask any questions i have regarding my diagnisis/results. I was hoping to get some help/direction on what I should be asking & perhaps some insight on anyone else who has experienced the same situation and what method/s of treatment you undertook. 

I'm 29 years old, no children and not in a position to have any for quite some time. 

my history:


November 2017         High grade Intraepithelial Glandular Lesion Adenocarcinoma in situ found on cervical screening test.

                                    Colposcopy showed CIN3 but no AIS and was booked for a cold knife cone biopsy and endocervical curetting.

February 2018           CKC & ECC performed, results:

ACIS & CIN2/3 present in transformation zone mucosa. 4mm ACIS extending to the endocervical margin with involvement of adjacent superficial glands & 1mm CIN3 excised. ECC results concluded with: endocervicitis 

April 2018                   Repeat CKC, clear margins

April 2019                   Routine cervical screen,


                                    Atypical Squamous cells present, possible Squamous Intraepithelial Lesion, ‘Other’ HPV detected. Refer for Colposcopic assessment. 


So just waiting on another Colpoc and then discuss treatment options ater that? I'm just a little concerned i'll be facing this same issue (and associated stress) every year until they finally decide to perform a hysterectomy.




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