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Hi ladies

Just a guestion i read that when having chemo amd radiation u should have your radiation no more then four hours after chemo is that true. When i had mine i had the radiation first  and them the chemo. I am really worried because if this is true then i am wondering if mine worked or what. Thank u ladies 


Jan 2017-1b1 squamous cell

February 2017-radical hysterectomy path report showed parametrium spread and a parametrium  lymph node, restaged to 2b

March to May 2017- 5 chemo and 25 radiation


Hi ,

I finished my treatment a week ago. 6 weeks chemo and 28 rt.  as far as i know which comes first is not matter as long as the two treatments go together.

Having chemo in your blood and having rt in enough i think.

Hope this helps,



I had mine four hours before chemo x 

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