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Cone for stage 1a1 Sep- no period since

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Cone for stage 1a1 Sep- no period since



I had a cone in September for stage 1a1, it was very large and removed everything. Since September I have basically not had a period, tiny tiny amount of blood (33 years old). The lining of my uterus is very thin apparently from a vaginal ultrasound and I have a small amount of stenosis and pain.


has anyone else experienced this? I don't have children yet so it's quite worrying! My new oncologist (moved from London to Aus in January) said I might heed a small op to open my cervix back up, he tried doing this at my last colposcopy and wow, I won't be letting him do that again! 

Thanks :)

July 2020: Cervical smear, pain and bleeding after sex. Nurse saw an Ectropian on cervix

September 2020: Smear results HPV and high grade dyskaryosis

September 2020: Colposcopy and Biopsy showing CGIN and "small fragment invasive Malignancy".

September 2020: Cone Biopsy confirmed CGIN.

November 2020: contacted by Oncologist. Pathology revisited, actually Cancer. Returning 26/11/20 for another appointment.

stage 1a1 Cancer diagnosis. MRI 28/11/2020 to be 100% sure no lymph node involvement. 



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