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Exercise during treatment

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Exercise during treatment

Hi ladies,


A quick question about treatment. I'm due to have chemo-rads and brachytherapy. I have recently started running and do about 5k a few times a week. I don't want to loose my fitness while I have treatment but the nurse says she thinks I will be exhausted and I'll just from the treatment. 

Did any of you exercise during treatment or were you too tired to do anything? I'm trying to work out what I will be able to do while I have the treatment. How near to a normal life can you lead?




Becky x


Tiredness does seem to be the main side effect from treatment that everybody suffers with. I don't think running would be a good idea. I think one of the side effects from radiotherapy is that the bones in the pelvis may weaken and I daresay the impact from running may (or may not) cause you some problems such as small fractures. As treatment goes on, you might find that you prefer to be close to a toilet as diahorrea can be a side effect. You are also advised to drink quite a lot of water, so again, being near a toilet is a good idea. I did a lot of walking during my treatment. I think that kept me quite fit. I finished treatment in the February and was back playing rounders in the April and I dont think my game suffered. You will get your fitness back quite quickly - you may have to build it up again but you will.  Last year I did 2 10k runs and both times I beat my previous personal bests. 

I'm 4 years on now and don't 100% remember how I got on (I did write a blog on here detailing my day to day life during treatment). I remember being very tired on a Sunday (apparently this was when the steroids wore off) and I also remember cleaning my bedroom and being absolutely worn out. Some people work through their treatment. 

My advice would be to take each day as it comes and see how you feel. As I say though, I don't think running is the best exercise during treatment,  if you have a bike or are a member of a gym, the bike might be a better idea - something with less impact x


I agree I think running maybe a little to much, it might trigger some motion sickness with chemo and make u nauseous. I think going for walks will be really good for you. I'm not gonna lie I was super lazy during treatment lol, but after treatment was over I had wished I had at least went for some walks because it took me awhile after treatment to just feel comfortable going on a long walk. My muscles were so out of shape.

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