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Flying after laparoscopic hysterectomy

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Donna H
Flying after laparoscopic hysterectomy

Hi everyone  

Please bear with me as I'm very new to this. I am 33, and was told last Friday that I have to have a laparoscopic hysterectomy on 12th April. I have a holiday booked on 2nd June in Lanzarote. Just wondering if anyone flew after having the same surgery, or what you were told, as i havent had my pre-op appointment yet.

Thanks for any advice!





I havent flown after surgery and i dont have any advice as to whether it is reccommended but I am presently 2 weeks after radical hysterectomy and I cant imagine wanting to fly any time soon. I'm recovering well but my bowels and bladder are very uncooperative and i'm very tired.

I'm sounding very negative! Other ladies on here may have some more positive advice. As you will be 7 weeks after surgery and are not flying long haul then it's probably do-able. I just can't imagine myself wanting to for a while yet.

You will need to bear in mind whether your holiday insurance will cover you. And if you are having lymph nodes removed you will have to consider the risks of lymphodema. And DVT will also be something you will have to guard against - stockings etc.



  • 09/08/18. Positive smear - High grade (severe) dyskaryosis
  • 22/08/18. Colposcopy - CIN3
  • 14/09/18. Lletz - CIN3 with unclear margins
  • 07/12/18 Lletz  - CIN3 with unclear margins and VAIN3 
  • 14/01/19 MRI 
  • 29/01/19 PET-CT 
  • 15/02/19 scans indicate 2cm tumour
  • 26/02/19 RH (postponed due to virus)
  • 05/03/19 RH
  • 08/04/19 No evidence of malignancy

I’m also having a laparoscopic hysterectomy on April 12th. I already had 2 trips planned before all of this, one on May 3rd (short trip) and another on June 2nd (long vacation). My surgeon said that I will be fine to fly on May 3rd, just 3 weeks later. So, although I haven’t been through it yet, I wanted to let you know that it’s possible! 


Hi Donna I flew to Tenerife 6 weeks after surgery. I drank plenty of fluids and moved around as much as possible during the flight. It wasn't as uncomfortable as everyone said it would be and I came back tanned and relaxed x

Smear test march 2018: CIGN

LLETZ April 2018: no clear margins

2nd LLETZ May 2018 Adenocarcinoma

Staged 1b1 pattern A following eua and mri.

Radical laproscopic abdominal hysterectomy with sentinel lymph node removal July 19th 2018

July 31st 2018 oncology follow up tumour removed no lymph node involvement. No further treatment needed

October 2018 check up all well.



That’s something I was going to ask at my meeting too! I am going in for my surgery Tuesday 30th, and was supposed to be going so Spain on a girls weekend 2.5 weeks later.  Assuming I won’t be going, seems too soon for me, they are planning a wild time and I think I’ll be too tired to really join in and not sure I will feel like being away from home sharing a room etc. On the other hand, sunshine and lying relaxing sounds amazing!!

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Colposcopy and LLETZ  Feb 12 - was told Smear showed CGIN

Infection 28 Jan -Antiobiotics

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12th March - told I have cervical cancer 

MRI and CT sans

28th March - MDT said earlier and smaller than they thought

11th April - Cone Biopsy under GA

8th April - MDT said need surgery, but referring for 2nd opinion to decide which type


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