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LLETZ or Cone Biopsy? Recovery advice

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LLETZ or Cone Biopsy? Recovery advice

I had a LLETZ in Nov which discovered stage 1a1 cancer. They think they excised it all during that LLETZ but I don't have clear margins so I'm going in next week for (what I thought was) another LLETZ but this time under GA. However, when I spoke to the Oncologist he said that this needed to be done under GA because he needed to go in further and use a larger speculum and get more and it would be too uncomfortable under local. I'm now wondering if I'm having a cone biopsy instead of a LLETZ. Are they the same thing just they take more off? 

I had a miserable recovery after last LLETZ and I only just feel fully recovered now so dreading going back to square one being in pain and bleeding etc. Still, can't complain as the 'C' word has given me a big fright so I just want it resolved.

How have other peoples found recovery after a more intrusive LLETZ or a cone biopsy?? I have two small children and have reluctantly agreed to let my parents have them for the night after the op even though I'm scared about covid. 

Abnormal smear 11/11/20 wirh high grade severe cells. Called into hospital same day for LLETZ

6/12/20 MDT meeting confirmed 1a1 cancer found in biopsy 

30/12/20 first oncology appointment. Awaiting second LLETZ under GA. 

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