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Mri scans results

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Leanne gilfillan
Mri scans results

got my results back and they said they couldn't see the cancer come back but there is changes  to my cervix they said its thickening I have to go and see the oncology  doctor dont know what they will do anyone had this happen and what treatment you get for it 

Leanne gilfillan


Have you got your results as yet, Leanne?

When they talk of a thickening, it's usually suspicious. However it can be due to inflammation (from radiotherapy) biopsy sites, infection etc 

If it's your only site, is a surgical opinion possible? 

1/16Vaginal bleeding

12/16Stage 2b

Jan-Mar 2017 35 EBR 5 x Cisplatin

6/17 All clear

12/17 2.5cm tumour,incurable

3/18 7 x carbo/Taxol/Avastin

8/18 MRI CT-PET cancer free.3 Carbo/Avastin 11/18 remission

4/19 15mm endocervix recurrence

7/19 -8/19 5 x SABRE LINAC

11/19 MRI- treated area stable,but tumour growth at uterine fundus and full thickness of myometrium.

Surgical opinion 4/12/19 laparoscopy cancelled 27/1/2020 CT PET tumour 12.5cm,no mets possible Pagets disease. Surgery ruled out 28/1/2020 Biopsies taken

2/2020 started 6 cycles of Doxirubicin and carboplatin

7/20 tumour active again. Platinum resistant. No further treatment availabile. 

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