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Morning folks

I was hoping someone might be able to give me some tips for dealing with constant nausea...

First chemo session (Cisplatin) was on Thursday and since that evening I've pretty much been constantly nauseous. During the day it's totally manageable and eating actually helps! Much like pregnancy really. 

But nighttime is the worst (hence me sat here writing at 3.30am)! I've taken the anti nausea tablets as instructed, and will let my chemo team know they're not working. But as I can still function and eat, I was thinking of just waiting until my next chemo session to talk to them. Or should I do it beforehand? 

Tried all the usual remedies: ginger tea; ginger beer; peppermint tea; boiled sweets; ginger nut biscuits. But has anyone else got any suggestions?! I'd really like more than a couple of hours sleep! 

Lou xx


Ask for Emend!!! (Apprepitant)

28-8-2019 diagnosed grade 2 squamous 2B 4 cm tumor Mri suspect lymphe nodes but pet scan Shows no lymph nodes 25 radio extended field, 6 chemo and 4 brachy finished October 29 2019

There was a lady who was a few weeks behind me with terrible sickness. The normal tablets did nothing. She asked the team and was given different steriods and stronger antisickness tablets. 

06 Jan 20 massive bleed. 7 feb 20 smear came back highly differentiated severe dyskolious. 14 Feb biopsies taken. 21st Feb cc cells found. 22 Feb 20 told poorly differentiated squamous cell. 28 Feb staged at 2a. Tumour is 2.4mm/9mm 6 March restaged at 3c due to 3 lymph node involvement - x1 2cm. 12 Mar 20 met oncologist - told me coronavirus will probably kill me before cc does. 18 March 20 pre scan booked.

I was given dexamethason and emend through the iv before they gave me my cisplatin. I also took zofran ( ondasetron) and emend the days after , and they also gave me primperan just in case but I never needed those, never felt sick

28-8-2019 diagnosed grade 2 squamous 2B 4 cm tumor Mri suspect lymphe nodes but pet scan Shows no lymph nodes 25 radio extended field, 6 chemo and 4 brachy finished October 29 2019
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one of my worst times for feeling nauseous was during the 15 mile drive to hospital in the patient transport van; I found a small piece of cheddar cheese helped with that.  Food wise there was very little I could face during the last 2-3 weeks of treatment, mostly because of feeling nauseous - cooked tomatoes on toast (gluten free in my case) and mash potatoes were OK.  However, I did start to go underweight so I was prescribed nutritional drinks which I was very grateful for as I could get some calories and nutrition in without too much effort.


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Like many women here, I was given ondansetron and it took the edge off diring treatment for me and I would have the odd chocolate coated crystalized ginger sweet. 

If your doctor has not yet offered this to you it is definitely worth asking. 

Like you, during treatment is fine as they give you antisickness medication through your line but it really does hit your later that evening. I would also recommend having a hot water bottle on your belly, that helps a little too. 

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I would mention it at your next Chemo session , I suffered with terrible sickness , i think its trail and error to get what meds  suits you best , about midway through my treatment  i was referred to the Palliative care team purely for symptom management who were brillant , i ended up on a bit of cocktail of drugs through a syringe driver and an anit sickness patch to wear on my arm,  helped alot. 

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