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Need a little advice

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Need a little advice

Hello there, This is my first time writing in a forum so bare with me here. I found out I had high risk dysplasia or HPV right after my second child was born. My doctor and I chose not to get these precancerous cells removed and to wait and see if they clear up on their own. I was supposed to go in after 1 year for a check up.. life happend and now its been two years and im having alot of rough symptoms that are freaking me out. I have an appointment in a few weeks but I was wondering if anyone could help me with what to expect or if they have had a similar experience. I am having irregular bleeding. bleeding in between periods, bleeding when I lift something heavy. bleeding after sex. painful sex. a fullness feeling in my pelvis. discharge when im not bleeding, clear and kinda watery. not to mention more anxiety attacks which have nothing to do with these medical problems I guess. anyway, I would really appreciate someone to talk to about this. I had a pelvic exam at the hospital. They did not check me for cancer but looked for fibroids or polyps (which I did not have) I have been bleeding kinda heavy sense the exam. it's been about 3 days and the bleeding has not slowed down. should I be worried about that too?

rebekah pierce
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Hi Rebekah. 

I understand how worried you must be about your symptoms. I think what you need to do is go back to your doctor and get checked out again, remind them of your high risk dysplasia it might move your appointment along quicker. 

You will more than likely have a colposcopy which they may take biopsies from if they see anything that needs one. 

I understand this is a scary time for you, I’ve been there myself but even if it turns out to be worst case scenario which it did for me and lots of other ladies on here. It’s very treatable, a lot of ladies here are testemant to that. 

As well I’m always available if you want to talk feel free to message me about any concerns you have and I’ll do my best to help.


Alice xx

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Hi Rebekah :-)

I agree with Alice, see if mentioning your previous high-risk dysplasia gets your appointment brought forward. How long ago was your pelvic exam at the hospital? If they were looking for fibroids and polyps I'd be surprised if they missed any cancer if it were present. But be that as it may, you have symptoms and should have an appointment sooner rather than later.

Be lucky :-)


Fibroids and uterine polyps can be cancerous, but that's rare, and having them does not increase a woman's risk for developing uterine cancer. They are benign growths that, unlike a cancerous tumor, are incapable of spreading cells to other parts of the body.

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