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Pains months after LLETZ?

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Pains months after LLETZ?

Hi everyone!

I'll try to keep this short til I get to my question!

August- smear found severe dyskariosis 

sept- lletz found stage 1 cervical cancer

oct- 2nd lletz removed cancer but left low grade CIN

put on waiting list for hysterectomy and I'm still waiting.


SO! In the meantime I have found that every period since those lletz has been really very sore- throbbing pain in womb area and a very bad lower back (previously never had period pain of any kind) to the point I have to take pain killers and have stopped my hobby of running or general exercise. 

do you think this is normal due to the lletz? 
it worries me but I won't be able to ask a doctor until I finally get my hysterectomy whenever that may be (thanks lockdown!)

thabk you in advance for any replies. 

Age 37.

Aug 20: smear test- high grade severe dyskariosis.

Sep 20: Coloposcopy- Lletz- found stage 1A1 cervical cancer

Oct 20: Colposcopy- 2nd Lletz- still low grade CIN remains 

Now on waiting list for hysterectomy 



so I had a very large cone biopsy  in September for stage 1 also. Since then I have had no period basically and also very bad pain. I have cervical stenosis from the cone  which can cause these bad pains. Not sure if a LLETZ could do that too, but it's possible? 
good luck x

July 2020: Cervical smear, pain and bleeding after sex. Nurse saw an Ectropian on cervix

September 2020: Smear results HPV and high grade dyskaryosis

September 2020: Colposcopy and Biopsy showing CGIN and "small fragment invasive Malignancy".

September 2020: Cone Biopsy confirmed CGIN.

November 2020: contacted by Oncologist. Pathology revisited, actually Cancer. Returning 26/11/20 for another appointment.

stage 1a1 Cancer diagnosis. MRI 28/11/2020 to be 100% sure no lymph node involvement. 



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