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Pathology after Hysterectomy question

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Pathology after Hysterectomy question

Hello Ladies. Please forgive me if this is in the wrong forum. 

I had my hysterectomy last Wednesday for adenocarcinoma in SITU and severe squamous cell dysplasia after a come biopsy with positive margins. The oncologist that performed the surgery was able to do the surgery robotically and was able to preserve my ovaries. She said that everything looked good during surgery. However, on the ride up to my room after surgery they put my file in my bed (and I know I was loopy coming out of surgery but I know I did not imagine this!) Pinned to the file were pictures that showed white masses. 

My question is if there was invasive cancer (and those pictures looked pretty scary) the doctor should have been able to see if during surgery right? Maybe the pictures were just the in DITU lesions. Did anyone have their doctor find cancer after hysterectomy? Did the doctor know right after surgery?

I go in for my first post op appt on Tuesday and I do not know if the pathology will be back by then. I am just getting nervous and hoping I do not need further treatment and hesitant to let myself get excited by the fact that she thinks everything looked good during surgery.

Please know how lucky and blessed I feel to have caught this early and to have been able to get it taken care of so quickly in the midst of a pandemic. I am also feeling really lucky as I am hardly in any pain at all post surgery and am able to get around just fine. 

Thank you all so much for your help!


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It may be that you were looking at where they took precautionary biopsies from. 
I hope you get good news-they can certainly get your histology back in time for that appt!


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