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Rebecca shoosmith
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Private Forum

Hi Everyone

I just wanted to post  a reminder about the private forum we have available-

Living with advanced cervical cancer- This forum is for women who are living with or beyond an advanced stage cervical cancer (stage 4). It provides the chance to speak to other women in a similar situation that have perhaps gone through more radical treatments or trial drugs. This group of women has often told us throughout the years that they would welcome a place to be able to help each other and talk about the things that matter that can be difficult to talk about in more public arenas. So if you're a woman going through some of the complexities of advanced stage cervical cancer, please do get in touch. And again if you are a user of this forum and have feedback about how this section of the forum could be improved please do let us know, by emailing Debbie on [email protected] or you can PM me. 

How to use the private forum? Access needs to be given in order to use the private forum or read the posts. You will need to complete a brief registration form so that we can help keep these spaces safe and supportive for those that need them the most. The registration form and a bit more info about the forums can be found here

We look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes



Rebecca Shoosmith
Head of Support Services & Deputy Chief Executive
Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust

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