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Radical Hysterectomy - Anyone else had this done at Christie's?

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Radical Hysterectomy - Anyone else had this done at Christie's?

Hi there,

I was diagnosed with 1b1 on the 25th March, had an MRI and got the results yesterday. Being referred to Christie's for a radical hysterectomy.

I wondered if anyone else has had or is waiting to have this done at Christie's and could tell what their experience of waiting times was like?

Also, how you all felt afterwards?

I had my ovaries removed in 2016 so already been through a surgical menopause.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Clair so sorry to hear that you have been diagnosed. I have no experience with Christies but I do know there are guidelines for treatment times I never looked because everything happened so quickly I had my hysterectomy about 3 weeks after my staging tests were complete. Good luck and remember all this is doable x

Smear test march 2018: CIGN

LLETZ April 2018: no clear margins

2nd LLETZ May 2018 Adenocarcinoma

Staged 1b1 pattern A following eua and mri.

Radical laproscopic abdominal hysterectomy with sentinel lymph node removal July 19th 2018

July 31st 2018 oncology follow up tumour removed no lymph node involvement. No further treatment needed

October 2018 check up all well.



Hi Clair, 


I'm a Chirstie/St Mary's lady! Both have been amazing. I think the same oncologists serve them both. The Macmillan nurse is fab too. I had her number and often found myself calling her. 

I'm two years on now and have my follow ups at St Mary's. You're in very safe hands. 


Love and strength to you x 


I’m a Christie’s girl had my rad hysterectomy in January retained overies. The experience was amazing concidering what your going through. I’ve had a few infection issues and looks like I’ve Lymphoedema but the nurse phones me every few days to check how I am. They are great I can’t fault them one bit.  You must have had your op now and hope your well on the road to recovery. Hope you find them as good as I did.   X



Hi TWhite123

My surgery is next week....so far Christies has been amazing. Really can't wait for it to be over now.

Sorry to here you are still having a tough time. There seems to be a lot of support out there for lymphoedema.

Thanks again for replying x

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