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Severe Dyskaryosis/?Invasive Carcinoma and loop diathermy scheduled

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Severe Dyskaryosis/?Invasive Carcinoma and loop diathermy scheduled

Hi there,

I'm new here and have spent the past week and a bit dealing with the news that I've got possibly got invasive carcinoma (this was marked with a ?).

I had my colposcopy on Thursday the 17/10 and have my laser and loop diathermy (gen anaesthetic) scheduled for Monday 28/10. A note was left on my smear from 04/10 to indicate 'Severe Dyskaryosis/?Invasive Carcinoma'. I'm pretty terrified that they'll find invasive carcinoma upon biopsy and that the treatment won't have removed everything. I just want to know if anyone has had to find out they needed a second treatment and if that cleared it all up and how you coped with the entire thing?

I'm so worried and am trying to distract myself by going to work as per usual etc, but I feel so worried and can't stop googling things. I am just sick with worry and need some support to get through this agonising wait :(. I think the thing I fear the most is having to go through the extreme of needing a hysterectomy. I haven't had a child yet and I really want to, so am hoping that the treatment removes all the cancerous cells, if they find any.

I'm glad I found this forum and am looking forward to hearing from some of you x


Hi Maya

I had a severe dyskaryosis result on my smear at the beginning of the year. I had my first colposcopy with lletz proceedure under local. There were 2 visible growths on my cervix which were sent away but the consultant did not think they were anything sinister. Fast forward a week I got a phone all asking me to go in, both growths had high grade CGIN. One of the growths had adenocarcinoma in the back section but no clear margins, malignancy was 2.5 x 5 mm. I had a second more invasive lletz (top hat lletz) under local, this was totally clear.

I had the option of 6 monthly colposcopy for the next 5 years or hysterectomy. I opted for hysterectomy as adenocarcinoma can develop skip lesions and as it's glandular is harder to detect. If I had had squamous cell carcinoma I would've opted for 6 monthly smears. I also very fortunate to have 2 children so felt hysterectomy was the best option for me, although it wasn't an easy decision if I'm honest. 
Even if it is cancer, if it's early enough lletz can remove it and enable you to keep your fertility. Try to stay off google, but this is easier said than done, I googled during every spare minute! I also worked through the whole thing, MRI and CT during my breaks etc (I work in the hospital). I found working kept me sane but I know this isn't always the right thing for everyone. 
Good luck on Monday, I'll be thinking of you.xxxx

11th March 2019- 1st ever abnormal smear. (Never missed a smear)

1st May 2019 - Colposcopy with LLETZ

9th May 2019 - diagnosis ?1B Villoglandular adenocarcinoma and high grade CGIN;

22nd and 23rd May 2019 - MRI/CT

29th May - MDT meeting. MRI/CT clear. Amount of tumour 1A stage.

13th June 2nd LLETZ with top hat procedure 

3rd July Confirmed staging 1A1, clear margins on 2nd LLETZ. Scheduled for laparoscopic hysterectomy, keeping ovaries.

29/8/19 Total Laproscopic hysterectomy with ovarian conservation.

26/9/19 pathology confirms NED:-)

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