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26 years old, adenocarcinoma in situ

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26 years old, adenocarcinoma in situ

I don't really know where to begin. I just really need to hear some encouraging stories because I'm feeling hopeless, and frankly, suicidal. I became a birthmother at 16, against my will, and everything I've done in my life since then has been to facilitate a family. 

In september of 2018 I had an abnormal pap, LGSIL, and was told not to worry and come back in a year. 

Well, thankfully I guess, I was having issues with persistent infections so I sought out a new doctor. When they saw my abnormal pap they scheduled me for a colposcopy. 

Colposcopy and curretage was May 20th. I got my results two weeks ago. 

They found AIS, AIS of the endocervix, and CIN2 lesions. 

My CKC is Monday. 

Doctors are notoriously noncomittal. Surgeon has instructed me to have children ASAP, but I have no one to have them with??? I'm also working on a bachelors degree. 

I try to ask questions at my appointments but no one will tell me straight. I've been acting extremely out of character, yelling and being generally obnoxious with nurses and staff... 

Anything you can tell me would mean the world.


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