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Biopsy results are in

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Biopsy results are in

Just spoken to my lovely CNS. Biopsy results are back with no great surprises- I have cervical cancer :-(. Have now had my MRI and PET. Should have results (fingers crossed) in time for MDT on Friday. Then hopefully full steam ahead. I know it's only been 3 weeks since my GP saw the abnormality but it feels like an absolute lifetime.

Will update again when treatment plans are in.

Rachel xx

29/04/15 Routine smear. Growth found.

6/05/15 1st gynae appointment. Urgent biopsy advised and requested.

13/05/15 EUA, biopsy, cystoscopy and sigmoidoscopy under GA. No spread to bowel and bladder. Large tumour involving uterus. Preliminary staging 3! 

18/05/15 MRI

20/05/15 PET scan. Biopsy results are in- confirmed cc (squamous cell)

26/05/15 Meeting with oncologist. Stage 2b cc with pelvic node involvement. For 5 chemo, 28 radio & 3 brachy. 

1/06/15 Transposition of Ovaries using DaVinci robot.

29/6/15 Treatment start date.

14/8/15 Treatment complete. All looking good so far.




Huge hugs to you. 

Yes it will be full steam ahead! You will get through it. You will wonder if you're 'coping'. You will deal with it any way that is best for you, not what way is best for everyone else. 

Good luck with it all and keep us updated. X

18.12.13 Diagnosed. 9.1.14 Radical Hysteretomy 22.1.14 Told in remission Stage 2A1.  10.10.14 Diagnosed with VAIN 2 and 3. 27.10.14 Wide Local Excision of vagina 3.6.15 vain 2 again! 28.10.15 VAIN3 Partial vaginectomy 11.12.15 18.8.16 Vain back. 25.8.16 total vaginectomy  12.12.16 EUA Excisional biopsy Have written a blog charting whole story warts and all here http://helloverajuice.wordpress.com/



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Best of luck with it all sweetheart


Be lucky



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