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After chasing for two months I was diagnosed with cervical cancer on Wednesday. I had a biopsy and colopscopy and since have been spotting which I was before. I am awaiting a date for MRI and I do think it's quite advanced already so im not sure what the outlook is


Today I started actual bleeding rather than spotting much darker but I am due on on Monday but I am not sure if it is my period a couple of days early, something from the biopsy or that something is much worse. I might be over thinking as we are due to go away for the night with my little girl tomorrow as a big treat before everything starts and we know the prognosis. I have tried ringing the unit but they are closed for the weekend.


Hi hun I know you are probably away for your special weekend but I just wanted to add a little perspective because everone of us expects the worst. Until you have all of your tests and results you don't know what stage or how advanced your cc is I wish I could say think positive but I know how impossible that is. But please remember cc is very treatable when you have had your staging and treatment plan you will know what you are fighting. In the mean time keep occupied look after yourself physically and mentally and take care. Good luck and use this forums huge wealth of experience and support in the future x

Smear test march 2018: CIGN

LLETZ April 2018: no clear margins

2nd LLETZ May 2018 Adenocarcinoma

Staged 1b1 pattern A following eua and mri.

Radical laproscopic abdominal hysterectomy with sentinel lymph node removal July 19th 2018

July 31st 2018 oncology follow up tumour removed no lymph node involvement. No further treatment needed

October 2018 check up all well.


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