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Brooke's Story, please take a minute or two....

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Brooke's Story, please take a minute or two....

So here's my story and my unresolved questions. I'm a 24 year old young woman. I received an abnormal pap. About a year ago. I went to have a Colposcopy done. When the results came back my Dr. Told me that I had a form of pre cervical cancer. She informed me that she wasn't going to do any further procedures because I am so young and I haven't had kids yet. She then said that I needed to quit smoking and it would probably go away. Is this true? I find it hard to believe that if I quit smoking my pre cervical cancer will not turn into cervical cancer. Also, is it normal when diagnosed with pre cervical cancer to have strange odors down there, which I have never had before this. I haven't been back to her since that visit. I don't know what to think. Also I had the guardisil shots. Why am I getting this if supposedly that shot was a preventative measure against cervical cancer? Also how come so many young people are diagnosed with cervical cancer before the age of 25? Back 30 years ago, that was mostly unheard of. Is it the food they're feeding us? Or could it be that I have it BECAUSE I got the guardisil shot? What is going on. Does anyone have any answers or advice? I would really appreciate some of your input. Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I put my trust and faith in God and in my Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Through him I will find peace. Through his grace I have been saved. Amen.


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Hi Brooke

It's important to not get carried away with paranoia, but to do your research on reputable sites and get all the facts rather than conspiracy theory.

Pre cancerous cells are abnormalities that MAY turn into cancer, but not always. I am assuming they chose not to treat them because they were a low grade such as CIN1 which often clears up on its own, i.e. your immune system fights it off. They tend to not treat abnormal cells at this stage, and due to your age, as over-treatment of the cervix can cause problems in the future.

The reason she advised you to quit smoking is because smoking slows down the immune system, so it may prevent the abnormalities clearing on their own.

If you have abnormal discharge/odours, you need to revisit you GP - this may be a sign of an infection.

I hope this is helpful.

26/06/2013 First (late) Smear Test age 26

01/07/2013 Results CIN3 05/07/2013 Colposcopy, LLETZ & Biopsy

16/08/2013 CC diagnosis, stage 1 30/08/2013 MRI 04/09/2013 MRI Results 1B

30/09/2013 1st meeting with consultant & pre-op

10/10/2013 Radical Abdominal Trachelectomy & lymph node (11) removal

23/10/2013 All clear - Clear margins and no lymph node involvement

Follow ups - Visual checks with consultant every 4 months, smear every year (all normal!). June 2015 - Check ups changed to every 6 months.


HPV only appears to be more common these days, because we have better testing methods compared to before, plus increased awareness and screenings, etc. Better tests + increased screenings = better detection + more diagnoses.

How old were you when you received the Gardasil shots, and had you had sex before then? It's possible you were already infected with HPV before. If not, well, sometimes vaccines aren't 100%, and that applies to all vaccines, not just Gardasil. It is certainly not due to the vaccine.

Smoking and high-risk HPV are a bad combo that can contribute to CC, so you should aim to quit. I quit 4 months ago for exactly this reason. Don't miss any recommended follow-ups either. Once you have hrHPV, it's important to stay on top if it.

Infected with hrHPV-45 since Sep 2015, normal smears so far despite increased risk factors, advised to follow up in 6 months, fingers crossed!

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