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Cancer found in biopsy results

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Cancer found in biopsy results

Hi all, I am pretty new to this, so please bare with me, I am 27 years old, I went for my first ever smear age 26, they found severe abnormal cells and sent me for a colposcopy, during this the doctor done the LLETZ and  took a biopsy and told me I’d wait 6-8 weeks for my result.


My results arrived within 3 and I received a letter back to the clinic, where I was told they found a small amount of cancer in the cells removed, they also stated that they are concerned as I have pre cancerous cells on the margin of where they found the cancer, I have to go in 4 weeks for another coloscopy to remove these, I’m worried as I’ve had no other sort of test done and what if they’ve missed some or if these cells turn out too be cancerous!


Has anybody had a similar process if so any help or advice would be great as I’m extremely anxious, the doctor had me in and out in ten minutes and I don’t really get it all. Thank you



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