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CC symptoms or normal aging?

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CC symptoms or normal aging?

Are these symptoms of cervical cancer or normal aging?

This has been happening within the last year and a half.

1. I'm not pregnant and I'm thin, but I have bloating in lower abdomen/pelvic area below belly button. It's sticking out and hard only when lying on back for a few weeks now, but no pain (pelvis feels like I'm 3 months pregnant, but I'm not). When I stand up it's gone.

2. Smooth, hard vaginal lesions the size of a pea in the posterior vagina noticed a year and a half ago and still same/similar size (gyno. called them vaginal lesions), infrequent dull ache in area of lesions, frequent urination and urge to pee for a year now, spotting one day brown discharge a week after ending my period (this happened last week).

I'm almost 46, so I'm wondering if these are just signs of normal aging, maybe perimenopause and incontinence/bladder prolapse? I do have a long history of HPV and got HPV 16 and 18 12 years ago. I've had two abnormal paps in the past, but had a clear colposcopy 9 years ago, and a normal pap smear 3 and 5 years ago.

I'm going to make a gynecology appt. today and request a pap and ultrasound. This is early because doc said I didn't need a pap until 2020, every 5 years.

I'm concerned. Thank you for any advice.


Hi Rosie,

I didn't have any bloating (and still don't) but I had some spotting in between periods occasionally. My main symptom was a clear discharge that became increasingly heavy and developed a smell and changed to a yellowish colour. Other than that I feel absolutely fine. Like you, I have HPV 16 and 18, which I only found out in March when I had a pap smear done after 10 years (I know, very naughty!). My pap smear was negative for cancer cells thou and the transvaginal ultrasound showed nothing abnormal, just fluid in the cervix. That is when I was referred for a colposcopy and ended up leaving with a biopsy!

Good on you for making that gyno appointment and request a pap and ultrasound. I'd also add a colposcopy to that just in case.  Once your gyno has all the exam results, he/she will be able to tell you more.  Keep us updated.

Sending you positive vibes xx


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Hi Rosie :-)

Well I am loads older than you and I have been through cervical cancer and out the other side. I have never had any of the symptoms you describe and so I couldn't begin to call them either cervical cancer or normal aging.

Perhaps something else.

Be lucky :-)


I think those symptoms could not indicate that you have cervical cancer. It could be something else because most people with cervical cancer experience abnormal pain or bleeding during urinating and/or after sex and some have unsual vaginal discharge with increased amount, foul smell and pink, brown or bloody color.


It's age...I am 50 years old and have the same symptoms for the last 3 years...When I went to the doctors, I had a pelvic, transvaginal and pelvic ultrasound and I have fibroids...Now in my case, I had a period, spotted in between for 5 days and had another period right after...It;s happening again only this time I was given a pap as well and just had my colponosoky yesterday and waiting...Still get it checked out though but it sounds to me its perimenopause

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