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Cervical pain

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Cervical pain

Hello ladies. I'm not yet diagnosed but I need some advise. Do any of you get cervical pain. Like you're being stabbed with needles and feeling of cervix going to fall out? Strange question I know. I don't know if I need to ask to be reffered or not. I hate my doctors so really don't want to have to go there 


Hi Sarah if you are having symptoms of course you need to see a doctor. Have you thought of changing your doctor if you 'hate' the one you have it is kind of important to trust your gp.

Smear test march 2018: CIGN

LLETZ April 2018: no clear margins

2nd LLETZ May 2018 Adenocarcinoma

Staged 1b1 pattern A following eua and mri.

Radical laproscopic abdominal hysterectomy with sentinel lymph node removal July 19th 2018

July 31st 2018 oncology follow up tumour removed no lymph node involvement. No further treatment needed

October 2018 check up all well.



Hi Sarah,

Have you had your smear recently with unclear results or is this just an ongoing feeling that your have? I agree with cherry, you need to go and see another doctor to have your worries put to rest. They wont just referr you for the sake of it, so you need to be firm and get some tests done. Its could be number of things. Could even be the start of a prolaspe or just normal mentruation pains? Im not a doctor so im only going off what I have read elswhere.



  • 5th June 19 - smear
  • 15th July - High grade dyskaryosis/?invasive carcinoma 
  • 23rd July - colposcopy, LLETZ biopsy taken
  • 6th September - Met the consultant to discuss results. Stage 1A2 confirmed, unclear margins on biopsy. Unable to perform 2nd LLETZ due to alot of cervix being taken away on previous biopsy.
  • Hysterectomy booked for 15th October
  • Pre-op done 11th October, all good to go for next week!

Total Hysterectomy completed with ovarian conservation. Waiting for pathology report.

All clear - vault smear due in 6 months

May 2020 - Vault smear shows HPV positive, cytology clear but booked for another Colposcopy

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