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Conflicting GP reports

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Conflicting GP reports

Last Friday I spoke to my GP regarding my abnormal smear results that stated I needed treatment, she proceeded to tell me they'd found cancerous cells that were aggressive

After a weekend of little sleep I called the doctors back and spoke to a different GP on Monday to reiterate to me and my husband what the results said and if I could have anything for the anxiety until my colposcopy on Monday 

This GP told me the smear found CGIN and there was no way to tell at this point if it was cancerous or not, asked him to repeat this several times and he read direct from the report, he said the other GP mentioned a letter in her notes but there wasn't one in my medical history so could have been my referral letter 

I'm in total limbo and Monday seems so far away, I can't understand if she was right in what she said about the cancer why other tests haven't been ordered


Not sure if it will help but I hope so, my daughter had cgin cells removed via lletz last Monday , they aren't cancer but pre cancer like cin 3, she was extremely well looked after and the colposcopy lady removed all the abnormal cells and will see her again in six months and will continue to follow her up as needed . This has all happened very quickly from smear results 6 weeks ago until now .she has had excellend service and I feel confident she will be closely monitored . The colposcopy teams are very experienced . Take care x 


Thankyou for sharing, so glad your daughter is OK that must be such a huge relief to you all xx


Hi Woody87,

I also have had a similar experience with conflicting information between my own local doctor's surgery and hospital test results and information.

I can only say that in my experience, after my hospital appointments, it seemed to take longer than I thought, for any new information ie test results/ letters etc. to be passed on to my own doctor, which caused me a lot of confusion and anxiety.

It seems to be a catch-up situation I'm afraid. 

You are totally doing the right thing by keeping on top of the information going to and fro as letters 'go astray' and you can be left in the dark like I was after each procedure.

I asked for a telephone consultation only last week and explained that I didn't really know what was happening next.

Only then did the doctor read my notes to me (which I had never heard before) and she was good enough to send a copy of 2 letters from the hospital to me today which have helped me come to terms with everything.

Sometimes the hospital think they have told you something when they clearly haven't or you were too worried to understand the jargon.

I also found phoning and speaking to the various hospital consultant's secretaries very helpful to keep me informed of my situation. 

I wish you all the best




Hi Woody, how are you getting on now?

November 2014 - first smear test, all clear.


January 2018 - smear test all clear.

12/02/2021 - Smear test

10/03/2021 - letter received saying HPV positive and high grade changes 

24/02/2021 - Colposcopy and Lletz treatment to remove cells

06/02/2021- phone call to say high grade cin3, but cancer very likely detected in glandular cells. MDT Thursday 8th, meeting with consultant Friday 9th April to discuss results futher

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