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Hi all. 

Im just after some advice/reassurance. Had my first ever abnormal smear on 4th May 19 ( high grade severe - had a clear one 3 years ago and have no symptoms) and was called for a colposcopy. At the colposcopy appointment the Dr had a look and because I was bleeding he could do it so I would have to have it done under GA the following week, but he said believes I have the early stages of CC ( he could see a mass of about 2cm on my cervix). So from that appt I have had an MRI and the colposcopy done under GA.

The Consultant who did the Colposcopy (a different one from the first) came to see me after and said that what he saw on my cervix was ‘not what he would expect a tumour to look like’ and did a LLETZ which he sent off for biopsy. So I’m thinking that that’s a positive thing that it doesn’t look like a tumour. He said they would discuss my case at MDT and call me.

I had a phone call this morning and my biopsy results haven’t come back yet, but the consultant who did the colposcopy and who was in the MDT meeting wants me to have a PET CT scan before I meet with him next week to discuss my results. 

Im really confused as to why I would need a PET scan when my biopsy results haven’t come back? Did the consultant see something on my MRI results? Any other similar stories out there? I’m completely numb and in tears with worry xxxx

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