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Hi everyone,

I have got my EUA tomorrow morning :( I am sooooooooooooo scared :( I have never been had general anaesthetic and I wonder if anyone can tell me what it is like.


Had this done two weeks ago , you'll be fine , was back in bed in an hour .

Left hospital an hour later . No discomfort from procedure except excess air trapped so uncomfortable for a few days ..

I took Colpermin and mint tea for the wind xxxx

blessings Michelle 


Thank you for your reply very much appreciated :) oh I will have to get some peppermint tea :)


You'll be fine hon. It's actually kind of nice being put to a deep sleep and then waking up. I always feel a bit groggy after a general. Make sure someone is there to drive you home!

I assume you're having an EUA for your staging in which case sending you lots of luck and positivity. Let us know how you get on. We are all here to support each other!

Rosie xx


Thank you for your kind words Rosie :)

yes it was pretty amazing really. I wonder how it works to not to even know your asleep. i went lightheaded for like 3 seconds that is all I remember, and I woke up very sleepy and hungry :D im just abit hot and anxious and tired but i think that is all the stress with it all.

There was no spread in my EUA which is great news, but got to go back on friday for what next. They are still waiting for my lltez results, as they had to send them away to birmingham :/ As there are cervical cancer cells but also very odd unusal ones that their are concerned with as it could be 2 types of cancer i have got. so cross fingers it will be ok.

Becky xx


Hi Becky 

Im so glad you EUA went smoothly. A lot of things seems so scary but then after its like"what was I even afraid of!"  

My lletz results were also sent away for a second opinion as well but it came back with normal squamous cell cervical cancer. So don't panic until you know the outcome. Sometimes a second opinion is better then one. 

Hopefully all will go well and keep in mind that cervical cancer is very curable!!' No need to get yourself all In a knot until you know what you are up against. 

Good luck...


March 8/16: postpartum pap clear

May 10/16: abnormal looking cells while putting in mirena under GA biopsy taken

May 18/16: severe dyskaryosis CIN3

June 9/16 :lletz procedure under LA

June 20/16: results from lletz shows cancer,waiting for mri

July5/16:staged at 2b, no lymph node involvement 

July18/16:started chemo/rad

sept6/16:finished 5 chemo,25 external rad,5 extra boosts,4brachy

sept.... The waiting begins. 



hello Lolli888,

Thank you for replying :)

I got to go in on friday for results of all my scans and discuss treatment (radical hysterectomy) and then send lympth nodes off for testing and then if there is any micro cancer cells then i will have to have chemo or radiotherapy. So lucky it was caught early.


becky xx

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