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First appointment with oncologist or colposcopy? What to expect

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First appointment with oncologist or colposcopy? What to expect

Hi everyone,

I have been told I have stage 1a1 cc (I saw this myself on my medical record before being contacted and it was confirmed over the phone by one of the colposcopy consultants) That's all I know right now but I was told treatment wouod be discussed with the oncologist on 30th Dec. I finally received the appointment letter for the 30th but it says it's at the Colooscopy clinic in the women's centre?

I'm confused, will I see the oncologist there at this out patient clinic? Or am I expected to go and have another colposcopy? I've managed to distract myself for much of Christmas but now it's over I've been googling 24/7 and just desperate for the 30th to be here now, but now I don't know what to expect at my appointment and whether to prepare to have another colposcopy? 

thanks everyone! 

Abnormal smear 11/11/20 wirh high grade severe cells. Called into hospital same day for LLETZ

6/12/20 MDT meeting confirmed 1a1 cancer found in biopsy 

30/12/20 first oncology appointment.

21/1/21 Second LLETZ Under GA

2/2/21 Biopsy results show no more residual cancer and no more CIN3, all clear margins. Follow up in 6 months! And breathe...



the treatment for 1a1 seems to be quite different depending on a few factors. If it is squamous cell (ectocervix) they might want to do another LLETZ to see if they can remove it there and then as it's microscopic? I went straight to an oncologist for a Cone biopsy but that's because mine was Adenocarcinoma (endocervix).

The waiting is awful, but it's one more day. Limit the googling, go out for a nice long walk, tomorrow will be here before you know it!

jen xx

July 2020: Cervical smear, pain and bleeding after sex. Nurse saw an Ectropian on cervix

September 2020: Smear results HPV and high grade dyskaryosis

September 2020: Colposcopy and Biopsy showing CGIN and "small fragment invasive Malignancy".

September 2020: Cone Biopsy confirmed CGIN.

November 2020: contacted by Oncologist. Pathology revisited, actually Cancer. Returning 26/11/20 for another appointment.

stage 1a1 Cancer diagnosis. MRI 28/11/2020 to be 100% sure no lymph node involvement. 




I wish you well and recover fast pls

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