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Hysterectomy - can’t decide. Help!

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Hysterectomy - can’t decide. Help!

Hi ladies,

im scheduled in for hysterectomy on 30th March... but am very close to cancelling it. I have a huge CIN / VAIN / early vaginal cancer history.... smear tests keep showing high grade abnormality ? Invasion, so my doc thinks hysterectomy would be a good idea in case there’s something going on further up. (My biopsies / cervical scrape have showed no abnormality).

A hyster is a huge operation, and I don’t know if I can get it done “just in case” there is something going on.. plus it doesn’t solve the vaginal wall issues either. 

I’m so confused, don’t know what to do and it’s on my mind ALL the time :( 

has anyone had a precautionary hysterectomy and cancer was indeed found?? Is the op recovery horrendous? 



What a horrible position to be in! I really feel for you.

My hysterectomy was for cancer so I didn’t have to make a choice but the recovery, for me, really was fine. I had a radical with lymph nodes removed.
I went home after 2 days with a suprapubic catheter as my consultant believed this was best for the bladder. That was removed after 10 days. I was sore but it was all manageable and I was back at work (desk job) after 6 weeks.
Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t fun and I wouldn’t rush to repeat it, but it was very doable.
I have ongoing issues with my bladder when playing sport, but I also had brachytherapy and 2 children- those things probably contributed to that, as well as the fact my tumour sat close to the bladder.

Not sure if any of this helps, but that was my experience!

Good luck with your decision xx

Abnormal smear Nov 12. Colposcopy Dec 12, cancer 1b1 confirmed. Radical hysterectomy Jan 13. Close margins so brachytherapy Mar 13. 3 monthly checks. Feb 14 1 year MRI shows suspected recurrence in the liver. Told no cure, would be offered palliative chemo. Mar 14 Ultrasound, CT scan, 2 liver biopsies and a PET/CT scan Apr 14 liver tumours shown to be non-cancerous adenomas Jun 14 another MRI, all ok so far.


Hi ladies

Nemo I am in a sililar situation

Having a preventative hysterectomy next month. After around a decade of abnormal smears and treatments.

I have been asked if i want my ovaries removed at the same time and i really dont know. I am 42 years old


ten years of mild-severe cin - Hysterectomy complete on 4th May 2018 - so far so good xx

Kathy L

I'm in same situation. personally a hysterectomy is better than worring about cancer. if it's out then nothing more can grow in it. big op but after a while u get fed up of all the biopsies 

Kathy L

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