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Just been diagnosed with Grade 1 Cervical Cancer - So afraid :(

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Just been diagnosed with Grade 1 Cervical Cancer - So afraid :(



My name is Marianne, I am 40.  I went for a smear which came back abnoraml cells.  I then had to have a Colposcopy which came back as grade 1 cervical cancer.  I am beyond devastated and I am so afraid but I am trying to stay positive! I have my MRI Wednesday coming to see if there is any spread and I am so worried about that.  Has anyone any tips and advice they could give me to ease my mind.  Thanks and to everyone stay strong xx

Marianne xx

Stage 1 Cervical Cancer



It is a very worrying time. Please ask any questions you have here and stay off google. 

I had stage 1A1 cc and have just had a hysterectomy. For me the waiting was hard but I just took it a day at time.

Wishing you well x


Hello, I remember how worrying this time is, especially the MRI. There is a difference between grade and stage of cancer but I'm assuming you meant stage 1 which is very early. Please be reassured that stage 1 is extremely unlikely to have spread, there's a very strong chance that it will be contained. I had a cone biopsy and I've been clear for nearly a year with my next check up in 2 weeks. The roller coaster of emotions is exhausting and you may find the adrenaline keeps you going then when treatment is over there's a huge release of relief which is tiring too. Try to rest, watch comedy and read good books, these helped me and if you need to chat we're here for you xx

Smear 20.6.16

Lletz moderate changes local anaesthetic 26.7.16

Letter inviting appt 19.8.16

Appt 23.8.16 diagnosed 1a1 consultant thinks all removed at lletz

MRI 30.8.16

Follow up appt with consultant 16.9.16. Officially 1a1 squamous, tumour removed, no lymph node involvement or CGIN but unclear cin margins 

Choice of hysterectomy or Cone - chose Cone 28.9.16

All clear from cone! Check up colposcopy April 17

Ultrasound June 17 - fibroids with one near cervix

2 colposcopies - unable to take smear due to scar tissue Aug 17

1 colposcopy inadequate but smear normal. Next smear  Sep 18


Hiya, sorry to hear your diagnosis, we have all been there and the waiting is so hard, I had 2 wait 3 weeks for my MRI which was a nightmare! The mri did confirm the same stage which was reassuring so please if you can try not to worry, we are all here to answer any questions .

debbie x


Hello, I can only agree with the rest of the ladies to say that the waiting bit is the hardest. I had a 10day wait before all of my tests confirmed my stage. I'm now part of another waiting game to see the oncologist.

The next few weeks will be a blur of appointments and tests but remember to write down questions that you need to ask as you will forget when you leave! 

Also the ladies on here are Great! This has been my lifeline


20th Feb 2017 - smear

24th March 2017- Lletz procedure and biopsy

26th April 2017 - Diagnosed with Cancer

10th May 2017 - staged at 2b adenocarcinoma

31st May 2017 - Radical Hysterectomy (including ovaries) with lymph nodes removed

21st June 2017 - confirmed lymph node involvement. PET scan booked for 12th July

19th July - confirmed lymph node involvement after PET scan

30th August - no chemo needed - regular 3 month checkups

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Hi my loves. Thanks so much for you messages! my MRI date was through in a week but I've a v good friend who was able to sort that for me. I'm in Northern Ireland so small country probably helps too! I'm just panicking in case it shows up something else that's my main worry. I've also stopped googling! Sent myself round the bend with that so no more!! I've also noticed I notice pain now in my body and I'm thinking am I turning into a hypocondriac now! So many questions I have and my emotions are sky high! On a rollercoaster I can't get off! I'm crying one minute and hyper the next. I've suffered depression in the past and i don't want it coming back as that will surely hinder my recovery. I've been told thinking positively will get me through this so that's what I'm trying to do! Im also going to write a journal about my cancer journey as I think this will be v cathartic and therapeutic! I wish you all luck and stay strong xxxx

Marianne xx

Stage 1 Cervical Cancer


Hi Marianne,

i was the same! Thought every twinge was cancer! It wasn't. my doctors thought I was 1b at diagnosis and the scans confirmed they were spot on.

i made a pact with my sister that we would only think positive during the same time you're going through now. Any negative thoughts and we pushed them away. This massively helped. 

Stay positive and don't google.

weve all been there... and more importantly, we're all still here.



37 years old.

abnormal smear in my 20's, resolved itself. Normal smears since.

22.03.17- smear, abnormal.

20.04.17-colposcopy and LLETZ to remove what looked like high grade cells.

03.05.17-cervical cancer thought to be stage 1b. Margins not clear at sides.

MRI and CT.

12.05.17-confirmed not spread, confirmed stage 1b.  adenocarcinoma. Lymph nodes appeared normal size. offered radical Trachelectomy with lymph node removal to check them for spread.

 31.05.17 MRI with the magic wand up the foo.

9.06.17 examination (EVERYWHERE!) under general anaesethic. Biopsy from womb taken.

30.06.17 non-radical trachelectomy.

13.07.17 lymph nodes clear. :-)


Hi Ladies, 

I just been diagnose with CC and specialist said stage 1B im now waiting for the EUA appointment, The waiting is killing me :-( because i still dont know what they are going to say next.  And still dont know what kind of treatmemt they gonna do. Does anyone here know what best treatment for this stage? I also have Endometriosis which give me pain every month i have my period.  my husband said maybe better to have hysterectomy because he thinks it is better to get rid of the endometriosis and ofcourse the Cancer, we both in a Limbo at the moment and me i dont even wanna go out the house and thanks God I found this site.

any words from you will make me fell better   :-(

  • Hugs xx

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