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Lymph node removal and recovery

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Lymph node removal and recovery


I was told this week that the results from my LLETZ was cancer. With corona virus at the moment it was a over the phone. She said it was stage 1a and they removed it with clear margins.

The next day I had an MRI scan which was all clear.

I still have abnormal cells so back to the hospital to have more LLETZ again under a general anaesthetic and she said they will remove my lymph nodes from my pelvis at the same time.

Is this common practice when they believe they have removed it all.

What is the recovery like after lymph nodes removal? How long did you stay in hospital?

How long until you were back to work? 

What is life like after removal?


Thank you ladies!

18th Dec smear. Abnormal glandular cells

27th Jan. Colposcopy 

7th Feb. LLETZ under General.

25th March. Diagnosed CC stage 1a.

26th March. MRI scan all clear

Waiting for date for LLETZ under General and lymph nodes removal


Hi Crazysheeplady,

One thing I have learned recently is that we all find this situation incredibly stressful, and have so many questions we feel like our heads are about to burst!

Although I can't answer your question directly, I can share my take on your situation.  

I had lletz under GA and they also found cancer.  I did not have clear margins, so I am heading for a hysterectomy (if I am lucky enough to be early stage).  It was explained to me today that they like to make sure that they have all of the cancer out with either surgery, chemo/rad, ect in one go.  I phoned the Jo's helpline and spoke to a lovely lady who helped to reassure me. 

If there is any risk at all that your lymph notes might have tried to 'clean out' any cancerous cells, they want to be sure they've got all of it out for you.  

I can't comment on recovery time but if you can have lletz and lymph nodes done under one GA, it would seem to save time and let you heal completely in one go.  Anything that reduces your waiting time has to be good!

It is horrible having to go through this, but you will get through it!

Like you, I am keen to get this behind me and back to work firing on all cylinders.  I guess we will be more able to do this if we know we are cancer free.

Be kind to yourself and know that you are not alone.

Big hugs


Lletz under GA on 19/3/20, mri on 21/3, Results cc: stage 1b no sign of lymph involvement. 18/4/20 Radical hysterectomy with lymph node removal 6/5/20 Histology shows microscopic Involvement 2 nodes. Moved to stage 3. Chemo rads planned. 

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