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MRI AND CT results after cervical cancer diagnosis (children mentioned)

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MRI AND CT results after cervical cancer diagnosis (children mentioned)

Hi everyone 

On 24/12/2018  I was diagnosed with cervical cancer after abnormal smear cells and followed by colposcopy loop extraction.

I have recently had a MRI and CT scan and although my diagnosis and investigative procedures have been through the Xmas and new year period they have responded pretty quick which has on occasion made me very paranoid of the worst. 

I now have an appointment with my consultant tomorrow which I'm assuming is for my results and I'm unsure if this will have already have gone through to MDT or not, but I cannot help but think I'm going to hear the worst, simply because of how quick they are calling me into my appointments .. When I went for my MRI they offered me a CT scan straight after although I had one booked for 3 days time at a different hospital .. And then I received a phone call off my consultants secretary today saying sorry for the short notice he'd like to see you tomorrow, this is exactly what happened with my cervical cancer diagnosis appointment. 

I suppose I'm questioning if I'm paranoid but I can't help but look at my babies (15 and 8) and cry.  They're going through so much  .. GCSEs and a nan who is coming to the end of a terminal illness . I just wondered if anyone else had the experience of everything rushed and also wondering what to expect tomorrow.

Trying to remain positive 




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The faster you have the treatment the better. So sounds like you are getting absolutely brilliant care. Just relax and enjoy the fact that you sound like you are on the best hands possible.

Good luck with the results.

Karen x

    • Stage 3 Glassy cell adenocarcinoma  1997 (negative smear tests).

Treated with Wertheim's hysterectomy, chemorads.

October 2017- new squamous cell vaginal tumour diagnosed,  probably radiation-induced. 

Total pelvic exenteration on 19th December 2017. 

March 18 Post-op CT scan shows healthy kidneys and successful urostomy and colostomy. No evidence of recurrence. Discharged by urology and colorectal surgeons. 2 down and 2 to go!

June 2018. CT scan shows 2 new pulmonary nodules.  

CT Scan Jan 2019. Nodules gone. No evidence of disease. 


Hi like you I have children 7,10 and 12 and I'm petrified!!  was diagnosed with cervical cancer on 27th nov then in theatre 3rd dec for lletz, results on 13th dec 1b1.ct and mri scans 19th and 20th dec. Results 27th Dec -no spread on scans and radical hysterectomy booked for 22nd jan.  Have u had your lletz yet? After lletz the next appointment is to tell u what grade it's at and make a plan for treatment if needed. 

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