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MRI update

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MRI update

Hi ladies, just a quick update following my appointment with consultant today. My MRI was clear... yay! And he thinks I will just require another LLETZ treatment to remove the remaining CIN3. All of which is fab news!! Does anyone know the chances of CIN3 returning following LLETZtreatment? Thank you all so much for the support over the last month or so! Mica xx

Jan '14- abnormal smear (first smear).

11th Feb '14- Colposcopy & biopsy- CIN3 confirmed

10th April '14- LLETZ under local.

8th May '14- CC 1a1 diagnosed, CIN3 margins not clear on LLETZ.

22nd May '14- MRI  (clear)

19th June-second LLETZ..... ALL CLEAR!!

9th October '14- follow up colposcopy


Yay Mica :)

Thats fab news! x

23/04/14 Ablation cancelled as "looks like cancer" - biopsy taken; 01/05/14 Cancer confirmed; 14/05/14 MRI; 20/05/14 Stage 2b; 28/05/14 PET-CT scan; 03/06/14 meeting to discuss treatment; 04/06/14 CT scan; 19/06/14 Radiotherapy and chemotherapy starts eek!


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