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New to the forum

Hi everyone, I was only diagnosed with cc on Friday and am hoping to use this forum for mutual support.  I have a very supportive family but am feeling very lonely since hearing the news and am struggling to do normal things now due to complete lack of motivation.  The consultant said I was 1B1 and was positive he could treat and cure but obvioulsy need to wait for scans which is the worst bit being in limbo.  I'm finding it hard to take on board any positivity at the moment and can only fear the worst at the moment. All I want to do is sleep to escape my thoughts which sounds very dramatic but that's how i feel.  I had two social things on today and have cancelled as I just don't feel like putting on a brave face.  My thoughts are with anyone else who's going through the same at the moment and hopefully more positive comment to come in the future!


Ruth Thomas


Hi Ruth.  I was diagnosed two weeks before before Christmas but luckily got in for a scan within the same weeks.  Found out the Friday before Christmas. So waiting for a date for a hysterectomy hopefully sooner rather than later.  I was told the same that it’s treatable through the op but like you can’t think straight, feel unsociable dreading the school gossip about me etc.   Did they tell you any treatment plan?   I think it helped knowing I could have the op and it would be ok.  But still the thought of a major op is daunting.    I’m always here for a chat and a newbie too.  X



Hi, ahh thanks for getting back to me and not sure exact treatment plan until scan but sounds like hysterectomy most likely - good you got your scan in quickly. Luckily i have a healthcare plan that can pay for scans to speed it up a bit because as you say the waiting it the worst bit. Thanks for the support, let’s keep each other updated, needless to say I’m cancelling any NY parties tonight but am keeping myself amused in the comfort of home! Best wishes x

Ruth Thomas

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You know, the NHS don't hang around with their scans. All will be put in place for your operation date. It's probably easier too if all the info is coming from one source x

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Hi Ruth

Welcome to the forum, sorry you've found yourself here. When I read your post I thought of T White and you'd both be going through this at the same time.

I was diagnosed back in April with 1b and had the laproscopic radical hysterectomy and all good to date. The point you are at now is definitely the worse IMO. It's all the waiting round for appointments, then getting a date for your op. I've got to admit prior to the operation I was a total wreck. One thing I did was take each step at a time and try my best to focus on other things between appointments- easier said that done. The NHS guidelines say that you should get treatment within 62 says of a referral to hospital with suspected cancer, dont think you'll be waiting too long.

You'll find some lovely ladies full of advice on here xx


Ahh thanks so much for encouragement and glad you’ve had the op and things are going well - am trying to fill my time to take my mind off it and playing lots of online bridge - hopefully I’ll be an expert before I know it! HNY to you xxx


Ruth Thomas


Hi, Ruth

I'm just over a year after my diagnosis, like you I was devastated the waiting is the worst,  it seemed to take ages for my operation. I had a radical hysterectomy it's been a roller coaster ride over the last year but finally getting to know the new me. Hopefully, you'll feel like this after your treatment. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you need advice or support we are all on here to support each other. Good luck with your scan and treatment plan. I'll be thinking about you.xx


October 2016 – regular three yearly smear

November 2016 – not enough cells 

March 2017 – Second smear

April 2017 – slightly abnormal cells

May 2017 –colposcopy Biopsy 

July 2017 – Results high grade CGIN

September 2017 – treatment day loop diathermy.

October 2017 – Diagnosed with cervical cancer 

October 2017 -  MRI scan 

October 2017 – discuss MRI scan results and treatment. Stage 1b1 Adenocarcinoma CC.

November 2017 – Radical hysterectomy (ovaries included)

January 2018 - follow up appointment lymph nodes clear no further treatment, 3 monthly check ups.

caz x








Hi. Sorry to hear your recent diagnosis. It is very hard to take in, I know. I completely understand the wanting to sleet abd lack of motivation. You are just hoping it’s a bad dream that you will wake from, but you don’t. I was diagnosed 1b1 CC on Nov 20th. Had my scans, everything looked good and scheduled my hysterectomy for Dec. 27 I was ready to get this crap out of my body! Went in for the procedure abd they checked my lymph nodes first abd sent one off to be tested while I was in the OR abd it came back with cancer present so they just took some more nodes to send off and stopped with my hysterectomy. I now will need to have radiation and chemo followed by internal radiation. I’m currently recovering from the surgery and can’t lift 10 lbs... I have a 7month old baby girl so this is quite difficult. I feel like I have been knocked down and have to start back from square one all over again. It really sucks. I was hoping to start this year off cancer free and put it all behind me. My oncologist is still very confident with my treatment plan. 


Hi, ahh that sounds so horrible for you and am so sorry it wasn’t as straight forward as we all hope for but great the oncologist is still very confident which you need to try and have faith in. Do you have people around you to help with your daughter, I hope so. When are you having the first set of Treatments?  

Ruth Thomas


Hi can i ask did your lymph nodes not look enlarged on your scans?? And did you have any signs,I have thigh and hip aches on left side which is side my cancer was found on cervix.  I had clear scan 20th dec due to have radical hysterectomy 22nd jan. I'm 1b1 but reading your story is worrying,I wish I didn't have to wait so long inbetween appointments and op as it worrys me what could happen between now and then. 


Hi, yes. I have plenty of help with my babe. I go for my post op appointment on Wednesday. I know they want me to heal 3/4 weeks from the surgery before we begin treatment. I’m sure I’ll get all that scheduled on Wednesday. I’d imagine in the next week or two. 

Have you gotten a treatment plan yet? 


Hi Rufus53, 

you are absolutely right this is the worst bit the waiting, the wondering, convincing yourself it’s so much worse than they’ve told you, we’ve all been there and done it or are still going through it as we speak. I was diagnosed as 1b1 but later restaged that was in July 2014 and I was discharged from follow up last year, treatment is manageable whatever they through at you, I struggled for a long time, I was on high alert with intense anxiety but slowly over time it starts to turn down and you find a way. Be kind to yourself, it’s only been days! Charlene xx

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