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newly diagnosed 1b1 without scan results

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newly diagnosed 1b1 without scan results

Age 31 with 3 children,normal smears,last one in june. Abnormal discharge for over a year,aches and pains in left side for a few years,on contraceptive pill. Internal ovary scan in march-clear. Bleeding after sex when I wipe on and off since Jan 18, not much. Big bleed during sex in August so went bk to doc who referred me to gaenae. Told ectropian and referred me for colposcopy and cryotherapy only to discover abnormal areas under microscope /liquid. 3 biopsys taken,results high cin3 and squamous cells.Theatre following week for lletz,biopsys showed 1cm tumour,staged 1b1. Just had mri and ct,waiting results which will be bk on 27th dec. Don't understand how nothing has been picked up on smears,feel let down and still so worried about the thigh pains I've been getting which only started 3 weeks ago,almost like the first biopsys have woke this c up. Aches from front to back of thigh/bum just in left side down to my knee. Used to get leg cramp in calf on and off for 2 yrs but put that down to exercise and gym. So so scared about these scan results


Just back from results for MRI. They have diagnosed me between 1a2 and 1b1. They can’t be exactly sure but will be having a radical hysterectomy in January.  There is a question on removing overies I’m nearky 43 and my family is complete. But obviously surgical menopause is a factor.  Any advise anyone?     I will take guidance from the surgeon.   Hope everyone is ok here and wishing you all well over Christmas.  Xxx



Hi twhite so sorry for what you are going through at the minute but keep going and stay strong. I am a little older than you but had the radical with ovaries too. Menopause ymptoms are an issue but nothing I couldn't cope with flushes mood swings aches and pains. I just think it's better than the alternative. Good luck and stay positive xx

Smear test march 2018: CIGN

LLETZ April 2018: no clear margins

2nd LLETZ May 2018 Adenocarcinoma

Staged 1b1 pattern A following eua and mri.

Radical laproscopic abdominal hysterectomy with sentinel lymph node removal July 19th 2018

July 31st 2018 oncology follow up tumour removed no lymph node involvement. No further treatment needed

October 2018 check up all well.



Had ct scan Wednesday and mri Thursday.Consultant called me yesterday and said from what she can see scans look clear which is a massive relief but still got to wait til theyve had meeting next Thursday.She said there was something showing on cervix which she thinks may be where there's not clear margin and a lesion on my spleen but she said they are not worried about that as that wouldnt be to do with cervical cancer it's prob just a benign cyst. Anybody else had this?? Thinking positive now hopefully they give me a date for radical hysterectomy and they are taking my ovaries too,I'm not too worried about that as I would rather they took them than have something there,I'm 31 which is young to have them removed but because my auntie carries the brca2 gene I'm being tested so they said they are happy to remove them. 

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Yes, definitely take them out. I had the same issue. They left them in but histology then showed cancer had spread so they ended up zapped any way. You only need oestrogen only HRT   which is a breeze. Later on I found out I had BRCA2 and had to have them removed anyway.

Save yourself a heap of trouble!

Good luck;

Karen x

    • Stage 3 Glassy cell adenocarcinoma  1997 (negative smear tests).

Treated with Wertheim's hysterectomy, chemorads.

October 2017- new squamous cell vaginal tumour diagnosed,  probably radiation-induced. 

Total pelvic exenteration on 19th December 2017. 

March 18 Post-op CT scan shows healthy kidneys and successful urostomy and colostomy. No evidence of recurrence. Discharged by urology and colorectal surgeons. 2 down and 2 to go!

June 2018. CT scan shows 2 new pulmonary nodules.  

CT Scan Jan 2019. Nodules gone. No evidence of disease. 


Had scan results bk which are clear.Consultants not worried about lesion on spleen but will scan again in a few months. Booked for radical hysterectomy on 22nd Jan but consultant has decided to leave ovaries and is going to wait on genetic results and if i carry the gene she will remove them at a later date but because of my age and there only being a 1% chance of spread to there she wants to leave ovaries. 

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