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Hi Ladies,
I've been in an absolute panic for the past 3 hours.
I am feeling aches and pains all over my back, shoulders and stomach and something that feels like indigestion/heartburn.
Is this a result of tension and worry or am I showing signs of lung cancer and kidney cancer which in convinced I have too.
I was only diagnosed on Tuesday and already I am struggling.
Looking for some reassurance that others have wound themselves up to the point of making themselves ill.
Sorry for the drama x x



Mai sorry to hear of your diagnosis to start. I had very similar pains throughout my treatment and turns out they were completely stress induced. Its so world stopping to have a diagnosis, so much to think/say/feel it’s bound to manifest some way. Breathe, relax and focus on the positives! 


Wishing you all the luck in the world x


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Hi Isobel,

Apologies for the late response. Yes! Absolutely! Stress and panic cause any number of ridiculous psychosomatic symptoms. Hang in there!

Be lucky :-)

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